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Pain and life management

When we treat our bodies with respect, other people often treat us with respect. Why not find out if that's true for you?

The UK Government is looking into introducing an opt-in plan for organ donation – what do you think?

For the NHS to survive, we need to negotiate some strong and brave decisions. There are also plans to introduce an apprentice style training for nurses, who will study while working. Changes need to happen, and fast – we’ll keep you up to date on developments as they transpire.

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Do you constantly compare your body to others?

Relax, it is normal


By comparing ourselves to others,, we're assuming that everyone has the same brain chemistry, the same DNA, the same life experiences and the same ability to process stress. According to the latest research, for everyone to have the same ability to process stress, we would all have had the same background. Wouldn't that essentially make us all the same person, with no one to compare ourselves to?

Hypnotherapy techniques can be very useful for treating the body in the comfort of your own home.

Good quality sleep is vital to physical wellbeing.

more about sleep

Tiny sustained changes raise your game

Fibromyalgia can be a painful and debilitating condition

We can help

beaded rings

Obsession Management

The first step to living the dream is accepting life the way it is. If you're going to obsess, you might as well obsess about something positive and beautiful.

fiddle rings

Fidget Rings

Many normal people have fidgety fingers and like to feel a different sensation on their fingertips. Our fiddle rings are each unique, made in rehab and come with some great instructions for habit reversal. Support a worthwhile charity.

stamp out body dysmorphia

End the Pain of Body Dysmorphia

Our specialist programs for social anxiety and body dysmorphia have helped hundreds to face themselves in the mirror with a smile.

Each of our spectrum of simplified, sequential steps will elevate your awareness and bring its own fulfilling reward.

Further Features


Whether you start to embrace our relaxation recordings or rewards and positive energy inducing jewelry, a BFRB coach or Skype with us, we can supply a warm welcome and a significant turbo-boost of energy to help you meet the goals YOU have set for yourself.

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    Pain Management

    One of our most successful endeavours has been to support many people with chronic conditions in the management of pain.

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    Stress and Anxiety Relief

    Our Blitz Fear download has been five-star rated by many anxiety groups.

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    Why Buy Here?

    Recorded by a hypnotherapist with over 20 years experience, delivered in a clear, comforting English voice, our recordings incorporate digital hypnotic tips to empower you with self-activating suggestions.

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    Your mind responds while you sleep

    Pick your recording. Download it now and daily play it, you'll hypnotically respond to the way we say it!

  • 17th Mar

  • Dr Neomie Da Costa B.Msc.D

Birth of Charizmatic.com

The website was born in 1996 when I was juggling care of children and the elderly, as well as working full time in the field of justice. I watch busy working mothers now and wonder how on earth I did it.

I started this site in 1996 as a magazine website. During my own ill health I have used it more as a blog, but now, as you can see, it showcases more of the products I have created to simplify and enhance people's lives.

As an ex foster-parent, health has always been essential to me. There was nobody available to step in and take over. More than that, I was unable to impart information about the foster children and therefore had no-one to turn to for support or comfort.

The services offered by this site and its companions in the coaching.care group, were set up so that nobody else would need to feel alone with their problems.