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Health & Wellbeing

Relaxing MP3 downloads, relaxation recordings, hypnotherapy by Neovision

People have a remarkable ability to self-heal balanced, sometimes, by a self-destructive streak. Our recordings can ease this natural conflict, integrating both parts to bring you to a sense of peace within yourself. Our methods involve calming and uniting the conscious and subconscious minds. 

You choose the recording - perhaps to stop skin picking - and the words help the mind work comfortably towards your goal, changing your sub-conscious programming as you relax or even sleep.

Soothing soundtracks to solve those little life problems and ease you into a subtle self-healing mode. Soft female voice with English accent by Dr Neo


stress relief

Anxiety Relief 

Our most recommended product is : 
Blitz Fear to help reduce anxiety.

Anxiety or panic highly recommended Insomnia Pain relief award winning Physical healing Body image Sexual abuse recovery More about mindfulness and pain relief


stop skin picking

BFRB free

Guiding you easily and effortlessly towards your goal. 

Stop skin picking Stop eyelash pulling Stop hair pulling Stop hair pulling 2 urge reduction Stop hair pulling for children Stop nail biting

Health & wellbeing

Relaxing in the Rainforest

Comfort and Calm 

You are only ever one moment and one thought away from comfort -  multiple positive replays of these mp3s will get you there.

Healthy eating Stop Smoking Weight loss - Bellybusters award Sleep Soundly



Peaceful living 

Disarming Difficult People Reforming Relationships Forgiveness - 3 recording download Total Trust Perfect Love Mevolution Read more about relationships

Download it now and daily play it, you'll hypnotically respond to the way we say it

Recorded by an experienced specialist hypnotherapist, our recordings incorporate digital hypnotic tips to empower you with self-activating suggestions.


Online Coaching

Online coaching

Life Coaching
& BFRB Coaching

Enhance your life even further with coaching  from our experts. 

life coaching - book now

Purchasing from us you can be assured that 100% of your money goes to support people like you, online. 

Dr Neo

Specialist Skype BFRB treatment  program

You too can be free from social anxiety, PICA and related problems

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Habit change jewellery - BFRB bracelet

Unique jewellery which comes with instructions to help you stop picking or pulling.