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Life enhancement, clarity and habit reversal.

Charizma promotes well-being and supports you in a healthy lifestyle, . We all want to embrace life as it is, with its challenging and enriching circumstances. If you face challenges with your own actions or those of others, our assistance is easy to follow and rewarding. It can take effort to be appreciative of life, but the benefits are enormous.

We offer support, discussion, online coaching and tools to optimize your enjoyment of life. Raise your game with an online coach - yes, we do it all via video chat. It is by challenging ourselves and beating our own successes that we ultimately improve our world. This site is second to none for life enhancement, from starting your own business to shyness support. We can help you reduce over-thinking or simply introduce a little relaxation and research. We value your opinions so do let us know your experience with the site.

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Our Core Values



Life is complex and often hard. We all struggle as well as smile every day. Shyness support is our specialism, but you don't have to have a problem to benefit. We are not just here to help make your life as easy and comfortable as possible. We CAN help you enjoy life to the fullest while living up to your unique potential.


Clarity of information

Comfortable readability, in language you'd speak yourself. Using as few words of possible we will gather great information to save your precious time. Conveying a keen, quiet clarity across even the most complex data.



Ready to listen, eager to hear about YOU, offering a supportive and warm space.

We encourage you to complete our contact form and share with us anything you'd like to relieve or achieve.



Learning helps you live longer and fortifies your brain, while also bringing fulfilment. We can assist your growth and bring up-to-the-minute information in a clear and compassionate format.

Help is just a hop away and we're honored to be your portal to peace of mind.

Our Services

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Social cues are easily confused

We can help


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    Why Trust Us?

    Purchasing from us you can be assured that 100% of your money goes to support people like you, online. People have a remarkable ability to self-heal, balanced sometimes by a self-destructive streak. Our recordings can ease this natural conflict, integrating both parts to bring you to a sense of peace within yourself. Our methods involve calming and uniting the conscious and subconscious minds. You CAN stop self-sabotaging now, without even giving it another thought.

  • relaxation Soothe Away Stress You choose the recording - perhaps to stop skin picking - and the words help the mind work comfortably towards your goal, changing your subconscious programming as you sleep. Read More
  • relaxation Life not going to plan? It is easy to feel we are missing out or that life is harder than we imagined. Our articles can help you reset your body and brain to be successful as well as happy.
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    Maybe you are here for support for PICA, OCD or a BFRB, we have experts who can help in all of these, with all our coaching conducted online.

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    Fulfilment & Happiness

    Happiness and fulfilment are under life's option: We can help you select those options and have the relevant permissions.

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    Relaxation and Hypnotherapy

    Bringing relaxation, hypnotherapy and meditation to life. We invite you to contribute in your own way. Our aim is to deepen the connection between people and the goodness that life has to offer.

Products and Services Summarised


Good news for you if you want to enhance your life.

beaded rings

Obsession Management

The first step to living the dream is accepting life the way it is. If you're going to obsess, you might as well obsess about something positive and beautiful.

fiddle rings

Fidget Rings

Many normal people have fidgety fingers and like to feel a different sensation on their fingertips. Our fiddle rings are each unique, made in rehab and come with some great instructions for habit reversal. Support a worthwhile charity.

stamp out body dysmorphia

End the Pain of Body Dysmorphia

Our specialist programs for social anxiety and body dysmorphia have helped hundreds to face themselves in the mirror with a smile.


Inviting Increased Vitality

Our top rated attention and energy program brings people to the top of their game with rocket speed.

When we choose the focus our attention and maintain it, we can change our reality regardless of the circumstances.

Each of our spectrum of simplified, sequential steps will elevate your awareness and bring its own fulfilling reward.

Further Features


Whether you start to embrace our relaxation recordings or rewards and positive energy inducing jewelry, a BFRB coach or Skype with us, we can supply a warm welcome and a significant turbo-boost of energy to help you meet the goals YOU have set for yourself.

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    Pain Management

    One of our most successful endeavours has been to support many people with chronic conditions in the management of pain.

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    Stress and Anxiety Relief

    Our Blitz Fear download has been five-star rated by many anxiety groups.

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    Why Buy Here?

    Recorded by an experienced hypnotherapist, in a clear, comforting English voice, guiding you easily and effortlessly towards your goal. Our recordings incorporate digital hypnotic tips to empower you with self-activating suggestions.

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    Your mind responds while you sleep

    Pick your recording. Download it now and daily play it, you'll hypnotically respond to the way we say it!

Our Latest News

restore health
  • 17th Mar

  • How it started

Birth of

The website was born in 1996 when I was juggling care of children and the elderly, as well as working full time in the field of justice. I watch busy working mothers now and wonder how on earth I did it.

I started this site in 1996 as a magazine website. During my own ill health I have used it more as a blog, but now, as you can see, it showcases more of the products I have created to simplify and enhance people's lives.

As an ex foster-parent, health has always been essential to me. There was nobody available to step in and take over. More than that, I was unable to impart information about the foster children and therefore had no-one to turn to for support or comfort.

The services offered by this site and its companions in the group, were set up so that nobody else would need to feel alone with their problems.