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Charizma is dedicated to positivity, power and potential, believing that every human being does the best they can with the resources they have, and that providing extra resources empowers the person to improve aspects of themselves.

The materials presented here, including books, recordings, workshops etc. support not just self-help but self-empowerment.

Recent work includes helping people improve their relationships, recover from challenging social anxiety, stress-related disorder management, overcoming bfrbs and past pain and handling troublesome teenagers.

We’re not so head-in-the-clouds as to say that people can be or achieve anything they set their mind to, as we recognise that each person’s resources are unique and some things are impossible. On the other hand we do believe in chasing rainbows.

Whatever you want in life, first find out what it would take to achieve it, then decide what you would need to release in order to achieve your goal. If you still want the same thing, then you can work on your beliefs about attaining it. Yes, those crazy “Universe” people are right to some extent when they say that your beliefs create your reality. Perhaps it would be more real to say that your beliefs can help or hinder your achievement of your goals. If you believe you don’t deserve or can’t attain something, you’re far less likely to achieve it, but if you work towards it, whatever it takes. Utilising all your energies and GO FOR IT, then if you don't achieve your goal, something better comes along.

Charizma’s contention is that energy sustains life. The more energy you put behind your goal and the more determined you are to return to the forward path if you should slip back, the more you will achieve.

The ocean reminds us how small we are in the grand scale of things. The sea supports so much life and its moods rise and fall as humans’ moods also do. The ocean goes back and forth time after time but always reaches the shore.

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