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We offer a number of social options to enable you to meet like-minded people

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Mutual support can help you optimize your life.

Society works best as a result of frequent fine tuning of feelings, with each person responding to and regulating them as needed. Failure to notice feelings and take appropriate action, erodes the system itself, leading to less than optimal results.

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Send us an email using the contact links, or you can call us on the UK telephone number on our footer. We regret that we can't return calls made when our office is not manned. Please call within UK (GMT) office hours.

We particularly need volunteers to moderate our chatroom and to reply to messages on our introductions forum quickly. We are keen to support people to set up local groups. We are also looking for help to proof-read our website and translate into different languages.

Offers of technical help are always appreciated and whatever you're good at, we'll appreciate you and find a job suited to your skills.

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Tiny sustained changes raise your game

Social cues are easily confused

We can help

Inviting Increased Vitality

Our top rated attention and energy program brings people to the top of their game with rocket speed.

When we choose the focus our attention and maintain it, we can change our reality regardless of the circumstances.

Each of our spectrum of simplified, sequential steps will elevate your awareness and bring its own fulfilling reward.