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Belalou Equestrian Bags 

Everyone needs to be security conscious - here's something great to set your mind at rest.

This funky, fitted equestrian bag will fit any lifestyle, even if you don't ride.  

Developed to provide a practical and stylish solution to a problem that has long beset the lady rider. The Belalou Bag is the essential accessoryfor the Equestrian World, amd is both fundamentally practical, multifunctional in its application and protective of the rider in risk situations.


Fun to wear

Secure YOUR valuables
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The equine community has for many years had no facility for the safe keeping and securing of the essentials of modern living such as keys, mobile, money etc. and have adapted a wide range of shoulder bags, waist bags and backpacks to secure their personal effects but have found them to be uncomfortable, intrusive, poor in security and potentially a danger to their person in the event of falls or uncontrolled circumstances.

Designed to overcome the shortfalls of adapted bags when the rider is in need of a comfortable, secure place for their essential accessories the Belalou Bag is styled and sculptured to fit the natural body contours under the ribcage secured by adjustable waist and shoulder straps that keep it snug to the body with total assurance of the safety of possessions. By the nature of the secure fit to the body in the event of a fall or uncontrolled situation the Belalou Bag will remain in position and not interfere with free movement.

The Belalou Bag fits to the right hand side of the body yet is easily accessible from both left and right hands. Internal individual compartments safely hold the riders personal items at all angles and will withstand vigorous movements and also incorporates a key strap for accessing key fobs for remote button operation without having to unclip whole key sets.

The construction is of high quality materials incorporating embossing detail and is available in a range of colours with beautiful linings. Though primarily developed for the female rider the Belalou Bag can also be used for dog walking and many outdoor activities. It has been styled and finished to such high quality standards and with the waist strap being removable it may also be used in social environments and as a casual personal bag.

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