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Purchasing from us you can be assured that 100% of your money goes to support people like you, online. People have a remarkable ability to self-heal, balanced sometimes, by a self-destructive streak. Our recordings can ease this natural conflict, integrating both parts to bring you to a sense of peace within yourself. Our methods involve calming and uniting the conscious and subconscious minds. You CAN stop self-sabotaging now, without even giving it another thought.

You choose the recording - perhaps to stop skin picking - and the words help the mind work comfortably towards your goal, changing your subconscious programming as you sleep.

Recorded by an experienced hypnotherapist, in a clear, comforting English voice, guiding you easily and effortlessly towards your goal. Our recordings incorporate digital hypnotic tips to empower you with self-activating suggestions.

Download it now and daily play it, you'll hypnotically respond to the way we say it!


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    beaded rings

    Blitz Fear by Neovision relaxes away fear and anxiety

    As you rest, the hypnosis on this recording is strong enough to help conditions like social anxiety and generalized anxiety disorder, or simply to ease away the stresses and strains of every day life.

    better body image

    Better Body Image

    Playing this restful recording every day for at least thirty days could help you achieve that, and you can get help from experienced, understanding therapists who have overcome problems with their own self image. Build your body confidence.

    stamp out body dysmorphia

    Sleep Soundly

    Stamp out insomnia, or dance it out, Strictly-Style.

    Just what the doctor ordered, leaving you refreshed and renewed and even revitalised during the day. We recommend you use it at least once a day for the first thirty days.

    pain relief

    Pain Relief by Neovision soothes away pain

    A magical journey with color therapy which can help you unwind your pain. Tried, tested and love by people with fibromyalgia, cancer, migraines and M.S.

    pain relief

    Physical Healing

    10 minute relaxation with up-to-the-minute Stem Cell Research reveals that with positive energy we can reprogram our bodies by literally regenerating the energy within our bodys’ cells. This “Genetic Reprogramming” can help individuals recover from disorders, diabetes, illnesses and inherited anxiety.

    healing from abuse

    Sexual Abuse Recovery

    A hypnotic style relaxation recording which can help you recover from a history of hurt and sexual abuse. This recording revolves around the centre of the abuse, healing and comforting you so that you begin to assimilate past experiences into your life and gather up the positives in your life for use in the future.


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    healthy eating

    Healthy Eating by Neovision assists protein based diets

    Healthy Eating is a hypnotherapy recording designed to help you to regulate your eating habits and to help you to lose weight if that’s what you wish. This is a product which requires constant repetition and we would recommend you play the recording once a day for 30 days.

    pain relief

    How to be smoke free

    You’re careful not to take painkillers too often but you’ll breathe in a haze of poison that you’ve paid through the nose for. A slap on the hand won’t stop you, and tearing up your ciggies has failed. Playing this chirpy recording as you sleep is just another crackpot thing you’ll try and give up on … or is it? The colourful imagery of this recording eases you into an altered, relaxed reality where you can reframe your subconscious mind so that you don’t reach for ciggies but instead breathe calmness. The hesitant space will move you and give you the momentum needed to retain your smoke freedom in the longer term … so that you’re followed by a light of success and not a haze of nasty smelling smoke. Listen often, and you can enjoy life more than the tobacconists!

    slender new you

    slender new you

    This deeply hypnotic 20 minute MP3 addresses food cravings and compulsion to eat. The level of relaxation reached while listening to this recording can boost your immune system and help raise your body’s natural defences as well as encouraging exercise and enjoyment of health and fitness. You can do it with the aid of this super-hypnotic recording.


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