Dr Neomie Da Costa, B.Msc.D., An author and ex foster parent with a keen interest in parenting, Neomie started the Charizma recovery sites in 1996. She stopped hair pulling herself in 2002, and has remained in recovery.

Following her recovery from cancer, Neomie is proud to impart her skills to our coaching team but she no longer takes new clients due to continued ill health.

Having personal experience of recovering from childhood sexual abuse, Neomie pioneered and formulated the Way Forward therapy program.

In 1996, having been hair pulling and skin picking for 27 years, she had gotten to know a few other people with similar disorders and noticed that most of them also had social anxiety. She realised that it was going to be hard for the medical profession to gain an understanding of these disorders, so she made a plan for pull freedom.

By stopping pulling herself and journalling every moment of her journey to pull freedom, she devised a step-by-step plan which has ultimately evolved into our Trichnotherapy program.

An advocate of ongoing education, recent courses include several courses in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT); biological psychologiy, Epigenetics, ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), Transactional Analysis, Child Development, cognitive psychology, Urge Reduction and Relapse Prevention.

Neomie has also written some influential papers on recovery from child sexual abuse, urge riding, urge reduction and relapse prevention.


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