Leeanne McCoy R.S.W
(registered social worker with the Ontario College of Social Service Workers)

A mom with three kids, one with ADHD and Fragile-x syndrome who enjoys working in the helping capacity for over 15 years. Having personal experience of recovering from childhood onset trichotillomania, Leeane has Crisis Intervention training and counselling credentials as a Sexual Assault Crisis worker and in a Women's Shelter. She practices solution focused therapy, and has studied grief counselling.

Leeanne's Degree is from Queen's University, Canada, in Humanities/Social Work and she has a diploma from Loyalist College in S.S.W. Currently taking a Masters in Social Work, in order to pursue more clinical work in Canada. Her education and work experience is related to her belief in solution focused therapy. She believes in empowering people and currently works with families part-time in solution focused counselling.  She has crisis intervention and has worked in various Women’s Shelters and in the Sexual Assault Crisis Centre as a front-line worker. In 2002 she created a program, Healthy Relationships, in conjunction with one of her colleagues that is utilized in her local Women’s Shelters and a few High Schools. Currently 11 years pull free.

In the past I have worked with families in crisis as a home visitor, and families that fall under the Canadian guideline of Poverty. I have sat on various boards, including the Health Unit when devising the Ontario Program of Healthy Babies, Healthy Children, and helped shape the tools to identify families that may enter crisis. I currently volunteer time with United Way and work very close with teams at the end of the year when allocating funds for Non-Profit agencies. I have done more, but will leave the most current things here, if you have any questions feel free to inbox me.

I was a scalp puller from the age of 3, and finally around my 22nd year, was able to overcome my pulling. I started to pull due to extreme circumstances that caused stress on me. It became more behaviour the older I was. I say behaviour, because it became a coping mechanism for things that I could not handle. My pulling, and nail biting would only present itself when I was in crisis. I have sparse hair from my years of pulling, but have learned to cut it to look more fuller. I still have areas where the hair has not grown.


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