Help in recovery from alcoholism, addiction, OCD, agoraphobia, trichotillomania, dermatillomania, nail-biting, skin picking, hair pulling or self harm. A new and innovative way to get yourself or someone else started on the road to recovery. Show your faith in them by buying them a STARTER REWARD : Space out small rewards along the path to freedom from unwanted behaviors, somewhat like an Advent Calendar with pictures of the rewards you would like to buy in the future when they (or you) reach specific goals.

You can literally PLAN the Path to FREEDOM.

One Star Limited Edition Multi-Colored Bracelet

Stretchy, to fit all  
Under 90 grams  
Color: Multi-Colored  

This bracelet is designed with motivation in mind, to help someone get started on the road to recovery. It might be bought by a sponsor or as a reward by yourself for one pound lost, one day's sobriety or one day of ritual freedom.

Especially helpful to hair pullers and skin pickers, as well as anyone recovering from an addiction or habit, this can get the ball rolling in the right direction. It is a statement of support, intent and belief in recovery.


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Please allow 28 days for delivery. Items come from the United Kingdom.