Rewards assist recovery from alcoholism, addiction, OCD, agoraphobia, trichotillomania, dermatillomania, nail-biting, skin picking, hair pulling and self harm.

Offer a bit of encouragement and acknowledge the effort people make as they find their own way along the road to recovery.

You're probably no stranger to appreciating others' efforts by buying them little gifts when they reach milestones in their lives, so why not do the same for yourself?

Studies show that reward works. Show your faith in your friend, family member, or yourself, by buying a STARTER REWARD: Space out small rewards along the path to freedom from unwanted behaviors, like an Advent Calendar with pictures of the rewards you would like to buy in the future for reaching specific goals.

We believe every human being is destined for success, and the only blocks to that success are the patterns we compulsively collect. Our tools can help clear the path – YOU do the moving forward.

Listen to our relaxation downloads, enjoy reading self-help books and implement our suggestions for prevention of unwanted behaviors, or simply support our work with our unique designs.

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