Recovery from Childhood Sexual Abuse

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Heal Your History

Hypnotherapy healing sound recording, audio download designed to help you heal your negative past.

Just as though the abuse never began.

Recorded using digital technology with a comforting female voice in a British accent.

An mp3 self hypnosis session to soothe you gently out the other end of this difficult and life-changing experience. Immerse yourself in understanding and explore the beautiful and beneficial world of safety from self-abuse.

This luxurious feeling hypnosis really can help you to put abuse in your past and awaken refreshed and reformed.

"It seems like all my life people have been telling me to move on, and I could never develop a picture of what moving on looked like until I listened to this a few times and it seemed like a weight was lifted. I may never reach full forgiveness, but I am willing to say That was then and this is now. Thank you so much". Mandy S.

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Relax your way to a feeling of safety

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This CD is superbly scripted by a survivor of sexual abuse. Adult survivors CAN release guilt and blame and move on, using the lessons of the past positively.

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Neovision proudly bring you the sound of safety.

Recovery from child sexual abuse is not just a matter of relaxation, yet relief can be gained from the depth of relaxation in this mp3 download. Recovery is not just a matter of understanding that the threat has gone now, but embracing that knowledge in the subconscious as well as the conscious mind, Our experiences in life enable us to grow compassionate, to develop empathy, and this mp3 download can help you assimilate the past distress and the present moment calmness from this soft and comforting voice can facilitate the healing process for you.

The sexual abuse management hypnosis download below will provide you with a complete self-comforting tool which enables you to accept your past.

Life is a gift, and so much more enjoyable when historic sexual abuse stops weighting you down and becomes the reason for freedom, for growth and transformation that you deserve it to be.

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